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Premium 2 CYCLE Engine Oil with LXE® Technology

Improves the performance & longevity of ALL 2 stroke engines!

  • Helps engines run cooler by reducing friction and wear
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Ashless formulation prevents plug fouling, port clogging and ring sticking
  • Provides optimum thermal and oxidative stability
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Prevents piston and cylinder wall scuffing
  • Smoother idling at low RPM's
  • Cleaner burning
  • Enhances combustion efficiency with minimum deposits
  • Eliminates scuffing
  • Prevents piston and cylinder wall scuffing
  • Lowers treat rates

LUBEGARD® 2 CYCLE Engine Oil is a high performance 2-cycle oil designed as a high temperature lubricant to reduce friction, heat and wear and it also minimizes carbon deposits and contains a no-ash oil formula that reduces spark plug fouling.

LUBEGARD 2 CYCLE Engine Oil allows for longer spark plug life and prevents pre-ignition problems. It helps prevent rust, wear, corrosion, exhaust port plugging, ring sticking and other oil and fuel deposits.

Benefits of LXE Technology in your 2 stroke engine!

Liquid wax esters are unique because of their natural lubricity, high viscosity index, high flash & fire points which are not affected by repeated heating due to temperatures as high as 570°F. They also improve heat conductivity, suppress foaming and consequently, reduce equipment operating temperatures. The LXE Technology greatly increases the performance of this premium 2-cycle oil especially since the LXE molecules remain on the cylinder walls during combustion, improving upper cylinder lubricity while preventing carbon deposits that lead to fouling and scuffing.

  • All two cycle engines (Where oil is mixed with fuel).
  • Commercial Equipment: Lawn mowers, weeders, snow blowers, chain saws, sprayers,
    portable generators, etc.
  • Recreational equipment: Motorcycles, outboard motors, mopeds, snowmobiles,
    motor scooters, etc.
  • Also compatible with all 2-cycle injection lube systems

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