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Oil Protectant

This bio-synthetic formula is the only product of its kind that provides additional lubricity protection to any engine oil as well as eliminates harmful cold starts and reduces internal friction. It improves an engine’s overall performance by increasing power, mileage and oil life!

LUBEGARD® Engine Flush
Safely cleans & removes gums, varnishes and deposits...Preparing any engine before adding new oil. For use with or without a flush machine!

This biodegradable rusted cylinder treatment frees up seized/frozen engine cylinders to bring life back into stored & found gems! Also ideal for use as a fogging oil to protect seasonal engines that are in storage!

LUBEGARD® Premium 2 Cycle Engine Oil
Keeps your 2-Cycle engine running at its optimum & extends oil life! Reduces friction, heat and wear providing smoother idling & operation as well as increasing power in any 2 stroke engine.