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Kooler Kleen™ Solvent Based Forumla
No flushing machine? No problem! KOOLER KLEEN is Used, Endorsed, Designated and Approved by multiple OEM’s to safely flush contaminants from the transmission cooler and lines to prevent them from entering new installed transmissions.

Kooler Kleen High Pressure Formula
LUBEGARD Kooler Kleen High Pressure Trans Flush (Water Based Formula) works like a fire hose, jettisoning away grease, dirt, sludge, and metal shavings that contaminate transmissions.

Assembly Treatment

A very light tacking agent excellent for use to adhere parts such as o-rings, lip seals, gaskets, etc. to metal, rubber, plastics, etc.

Assemblee Goo™
Both the original green (firm tack) & blue (light tack) formulas provide superior "tackiness" needed to aid holding parts in place longer during any type of assembly process.

LUBEGARD® Premium Universal Lubricant
The finest biodegradable assembly & disassembly professional lubricant! Excellent for ANY general multi-purpose lubricant use such as loosening rusted bolts, eliminating squeaks where there’s metal to metal contact, etc.

LUBEGARD® ATF Conversion & Refill Chart
This easy to use 48 page ATF application chart includes over 2,100 vehicle listings! Click here to download or to obtain a physical copy contact us.