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Articles & Bulletins


Radiator/ Coolant
Coolant Article featured in Cooling Journal (Formally Automotive Cooling Journal)

Modifications: Do They Really Work? (by Bill Kleckner)

Transmission Diagnostics

Eliminating sticky valves
Diagnosing transmission shudders and chatters

ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Basics
Answers to transmission Fluid Questions (by Wayne Colona & Pat Burrow)
Basic Composition of ATF’s
The additives in ATF additives
The characteristics of ATF’s
What is the difference of ATF base stocks
Why are there so many different ATF’s

Dealer Claims Warranty is voided?/Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (US only)
Will the use of Lubegard void my vehicle warranty?
What to do if a customer is told by the OEM dealer their warranty is voided by your service


Allison Transmission Fluid Applications
Proper ATF conversions using Lubegard products
No Transmission Dipstick? No Problem!