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Dear Lubegard:

I’m writing to tell you about my 1994 Nissan pickup with 402,000 miles on it. Ever since it was brand new I’ve always changed the transmission fluid every 25,000 miles and put in a bottle of Lubegard Red ATF Protectant.

It has a 4-speed automatic transmission (RE4R01A). I put most of the miles on it driving to work during the week and visiting my hometown of Wrightsville, on the weekends which is 100 miles from Savannah. My truck has been as far south as Orlando, Florida (Walt Disney World) and as far north as the Blue Ridge mountains (camping & hunting).

I am a transmission technician with 25 years experience. I worked at Coastal Transmission from 1986 to 2003. Since 2004 I’ve been working at Dan Vaden Chevrolet.

I knew using Lubegard ATF Protectant in the red bottle would be a good idea because I’ve seen first-hand what additives actually do to your transmission. Lubegard is the only transmission fluid additive I recommend. It works great for freeing up a valve that is dragging (but not actually stuck). It will instantly get rid of a converter shudder on Fords and will keep the seals inside your trans from getting hard due to heat and acid buildup.

If I had not used Lubegard in my transmission, around 200,000 miles the seals in the direct clutch drum would have got hard and cracked causing the direct clutches to burn up, resulting in no 3rd gear. Yes, I do other things to keep my truck happy. After 402,000 miles I do not even check the oil in between oil changes. I also change the engine coolant every 50,000 miles. I bought my 1994 Nissan pickup brand new July 7, 1994 at Martin Ansley Nissan in Statesboro, Georgia for $12,260. I think it was a good purchase! If my truck makes it to 500,000 miles, I’ll be sure to write again.

— Russell Anderson, Savannah, Georgia


The Original “Turbo Encabulator”

by Editor on October 26, 2011


Lubegard: Love that Ride Contest Winners

by Editor on October 26, 2011

We asked readers to show off photos of their rides or customer’s rides they’ve used any of the LUBEGARD® family of products in. Choosing the winner of the Apple iPad was tough. We’re pleased to present a selection of some of the entries and their stories.

Grand Prize: 1956 Buick Roadmaster
Raymon Butch Pruitt: Pruitt Transmission
Anderson, South Carolina

Grand Prize: 1956 Buick Roadmaster Raymon Butch Pruitt: Pruitt Transmission Anderson, South Carolina

“My 1956 Buick Roadmaster 2-door hardtop is equipped with power steering, power brakes, power windows, power antenna, 6-way power seat and a remote Wonder Bar radio. It now has a one of a kind CNC adaptor to replace the Dynaflow trans with a 400 Turbo trans, naturally I put in Lubegard Red ATF Protectant (great product we’ve used in just about every rebuild for over 15 years).

I put Kool-It Supreme Coolant Treatment in the radiator and can cruise for close to 2 hours with no problem in bumper to bumper traffic. The 400 Turbo has worked flawlessly for 3 years protected by Lubegard Red ATF Protectant. Of course it was assembled with Dr. Tranny Assemblee Goo™ to protect the washers and torrington bearings at first crank up. Thanks for products we can trust in every rebuild!” — Raymon Butch Pruitt

Runner up: 1970 Ford Torino
Mark Bowler: Bowler Performance Transmissions
Lawrenceville, Illinois

Runner up: 1970 Ford Torino Mark Bowler: Bowler Performance Transmissions Lawrenceville, Illinois

“My favorite vehicle that my wife, Jessi and I own and drive is our 1970 Ford Torino. The outside may look pretty much stock, as the paint is original from 1970 and has not been altered. It still has dents and even a poor repair on the door from an incident in 1973, but that’s what makes it so great. We left the outside alone due to the great condition and the stories that went with each scratch or dent. However, when it came to the mechanical end we didn’t know where to stop. It’s equipped with a Roush 427 Engine, Bowler 4R70W Transmission, Ridetech coil-over suspension, Baer 13″ six piston brakes, tiger cage roll cage, Forgeline 18″ wheels, BF Goodrich tires and Phantom Touch-N-Go Starter System. We used the vehicle to develop a 4R70W transmission package for the Roush crate motor program. This package comes with a 3 year warranty and is guaranteed for up to 550 Ft Lbs of torque, so we had to test the whole package and prove that we had what it takes to offer this combination of performance and dependability. We’ve trusted Lubegard products for years and it’s the only additive that we run in our company and personal vehicles. Every Bowler Performance Transmission Package includes Dr. Tranny Kooler Kleen. LubeGard Red ATF Protectant must be used for our warranty.” — Mark Bowler

Runner up: 1992 Allison XB2002 with HP Merc 260
Bob Sorenson: Riverside Transmission
New Ulm, Minnesota

Runner up: 1992 Allison XB2002 with HP Merc 260 Bob Sorenson: Riverside Transmission New Ulm, Minnesota

“My ride is a 1992 Allison XB2002 with a HP Merc 260 for power. It has a top speed of 105 MPH and will run the standing start 1/4 mile at 95 MPH. I use LUBEGARD 2 Cycle Oil at a mixture of 32/1 and run the motor to 9000 rpm. Using LUBEGARD 2 Cycle Oil, the motor has very little wear between rebuilds. I was also able to go twice as long between rebuilds compaired to using other oils. The MARINE GEAR OIL SUPPLEMENT is also added to the gear case.

I also have two collector cars. A 1996 Monte Carlo SS and a 1966 Chevy Belair. These cars have Lubegard products used from the radiator to the rear end. I credit Lubegard for keeping the acids from forming in the oil and keeping my cars happy. I have been a religious user of Lubegard products since 1993 and every transmission that leaves our shop gets a bottle.” — Bob Sorenson

Runner up: 1947 Mercury Woody
Jaime Rodriguez: Advanced Transmission Parts
Laredo, Texas

Runner up: 1947 Mercury Woody Jaime Rodriguez: Advanced Transmission Parts Laredo, Texas

Lubegard Highly Friction Modified ATF Supplement works like magic. I also use Lubegard Engine Oil Protectant and it works great!” — Jaime Rodriguez

Runner up: 2006 chevy ssr (super sport roadster)
Dean Lab: Dean’s Quality Transmissions
Spanish Fork, Utah

Runner up: 2006 chevy ssr (super sport roadster) Dean Lab: Dean's Quality Transmissions Spanish Fork, Utah

“After we installed the shift kit and high stall converter we added Lubegard Platinum Universal ATF Protectant and an external cooler. We also drained the dexcool and converted to the green antifreeze and a bottle of Kool-It.” — Dean Lab

Runner up: 1986 Buick Grand National
Jim Chaudrue: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Runner up: 1986 Buick Grand National Jim Chaudrue: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I purchased this car about 4 years ago. It needed a new engine and transmission when I got it. I rebuilt the engine and trans using Lubegard products in both. My Buick has 83k on it. They only made 5,512 of the Grand Nationals in 1986 and mine has the rare Astro Roof option. Only a few hundred came out in 1986 with that option. The car now drives and rides like new again with a freshly rebuilt engine and transmission. I’ve taken it to several local shows and it’s always a crowd-pleaser.

I did a few modifications to the car while it was being rebuilt. Mostly modifications you can’t see. 5 angle valve job on the heads, JE forged pistons, 009 42lb. injectors, a turbo tweak chip, took the cat off, bigger fuel pump, and a hot wire kit on the fuel pump. These were some of the things Buick did to slow these cars down for government testing back in 1986. Everything in the engine bay has been either powder coated and or ceramic coated to make it last.

There’s nothing better for older cars than Lubegard transmission products. Lubegard makes some of the only products I’ve used where you can not only see but feel the results!

Lubegard (RED) ATF Protectant:
I actually use this in all 6 vehicles I own. This is by far my favorite product. You can feel and see the difference when using this product. I recommend it to everyone! It’s really safe insurance for keeping your transmission running smooth and quiet.

I’ve seen several cars that had a slight flare between gears and this product made it just about go away. Great product!

Lubegard Bio-Tech Engine Oil Protectant:
I just started using this product and like the results already. A few of those “what was that noise?” things went away. The cars I’ve used it in seem to have a little more pep and better fuel economy with it. Since I’ve had great results with your other products I’ll keep using it!” — Jim Chaudrue

Runner up: 1977 Chevy Blazer
Joseph Lindbergh: Lindbergh’s Transmissions Inc.
Metairie, Louisiana

Runner up: 1977 Chevy Blazer Joseph Lindbergh: Lindbergh's Transmissions Inc. Metairie, Louisiana

“My 1977 Chevy Blazer has a new Chevy Vortex Crate Motor (330 HP) with Edelbrock manifold & carburetor, Billet Specialities pulleys, Chrome Powermaster alternator, Sanden polished a/c compressor, Spal Dual II, electric fans, PRC (Performance Rod & Custom) Aluminum radiator, Poweraid Air Intake, Smoothed Firewall (behind Distributor), Sanderson Headers, Chrome hood hinges, Mirrors in under hood panels.
I use Lubegard (Red) ATF Protectant.” — Joseph Lindbergh

Runner up: 1987 Buick Grand National
Dan Miller: GN Northwest, Everett, WA

Runner up: 1987 Buick Grand National Dan Miller: GN Northwest, Everett, WA

“About 2 years ago we rescued “Silverdale” from under a tree where she’d sat for about 7 years. I worked hard to clean and get the car running again. She has sentimental value to me and my fiance because our first date was simply going for a drive in Silverdale. My fiance and I still love taking drives in Silverdale as well as racing her on the quarter mile. She’s an 11 second street car that gets 18 miles to the gallon on the freeway!

One reason the car was originally parked, was due to the rear differential chattering. The previous owner thought the differential was failing. I added Lubegard Limited Slip Supplement to the differential, thus eliminating the chatter and need for rear overhaul.

I also use Kool-It in all of the race cars we build at our shop.

Frequently, I use the Dr. Tranny Instant Shudder Fixx in these cars due to the common shutter from these transmissions. All three products work wonders. Thanks.” — Dan Miller

Runner up: 1957 Chevy Nomad
Chris Tartik: Des Plaines, Illinois

Runner up: 1957 Chevy Nomad Chris Tartik: Des Plaines, Illinois

“I’ve been working on my ’57 Nomad on and off for years now and one thing that was always frustrating about driving the car was the heat build up under the hood. Cruising was never a problem but if you got stuck in traffic or had to wait for a train the temperature would shoot up from 180 to 210 plus in no time at all. Swapping out the thermostat to a 160 and adding an electric fan helped but didn’t completely solve the problem. As most people who turn a wrench either professionally or as a hobby will tell you, horsepower equals heat and my Chevy was no exception.

Then I found out about a product called “Kool-It”. You add this to your radiator coolant and through some voodoo that Lubegard came up with it enables your coolant to perform more efficiently which keeps your engine cooler. Problem solved. I was skeptical at first but I’m a believer now. Leave it to Lubegard to bottle cool.” — Chris Tartik

In Memory of Chris Tartik

We are saddened by the recent passing of Chris Tartik, just days after he sent us his entry. Chris was an industry filtration veteran for over 20 years. His knowledge and expertise, and his willingness to share this information, made him a truly unique asset in our industry. Chris’s passions focused on filtration, his family and wife Valerie, rock and roll, and his beloved ’57 Chevy Nomad.

His Nomad won many car shows, but winning wasn’t the driving force behind his entries — he mostly enjoyed the company of people who shared his interests and wanted to be around them to exchange thoughts and ideas. Chris’s untimely death brings great sadness to many in the automatic transmission industry.

Steve Deckard, Lubegard’s Director of Professional Transmission Sales, former associate and long time friend said poignantly, “Losing Chris was like losing a brother. He is the last person I ever wanted to say goodbye to so soon. Words can’t describe how much he will be missed.”


Lubegard and the Whale

by Editor on October 26, 2011

Lubegard LXE Technology is a synthetic equivalent to Sperm Whale oil. No whales were harmed or made to be dead in the making of our products.

Occasionally we get wind of a rumor that Lubegard products are made from Sperm Whale oil. While laughable, the molecular structure of Lubegard LXE Technology is nearly identical to Sperm Whale oil. One of the reasons we developed this synthetic equivalent is because of the unparalleled chemical properties that established Sperm Whale oil as the only lubricant used in automotive transmissions until 1972. writes, “Surprising as it may seem coming from an industry that peaked circa 1850 due to the invention of kerosene, whale oil remained a commercially viable product for a long time — at one point it was even used to make margarine. The automotive industry was especially fond of sperm oil, which is actually a liquid wax derived from Sperm Whales, because when combined with sulfur it made an excellent lubricant, remaining effective at high pressure and low temperature; it also inhibited rust. When the need for reliable automatic transmission fluid arose, use of sperm oil as a “friction modifier” was an obvious choice.”

Sperm Whale Oil was perhaps the finest lubricant for machines including watches, sewing machines, bicycles, and automobiles. It's a great example of an unsustainable resource. Fortunately, modern chemistry allows us to produce lubricants of equal or better quality using sustainable, environmentally friendly methods.

Aside from superior lubricity, Sperm Whale Oil remains stable and does not freeze or congeal at temperatures substantially below freezing.  Here’s a testimonial a customer sent one Sperm Whale Oil manufacturer in 1896.

I have been in the watch repairing business for the past four years, and have used your oil on every watch I have cleaned, which has been about 3,000, and have never had a customer say his watch stopped from freezing weather. I enclose you a weather report of this place, so you can see for yourself 50° below zero, which is very cold, and it has been lower still.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia entry on ‘Spermaceti’:

A wax present in the head cavities of the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus). Unlike any other known substance, spermaceti works as a lubricant in the extra­ordinarily cold temperatures of outer space. For that reason, space agencies in Europe and the US still use spermaceti for roving vehicles on the moon and Mars and as a lubricant on the Hubble space telescope. (This info is disputed. Read more here.).

Originally mistaken for the whales’ sperm (hence the name), spermaceti is created in the spermaceti organ inside the whale’s head and connected to its nasal passage. Its biological function is uncertain.

Though it’s biological function may be uncertain, I’m betting it has something to do with maintaining the whale’s internal heat stability. After all, the deep seas it lives in are very cold, and being a large mammal (you knew it wasn’t a fish, right?), it produces an enormous amount of internal heat. Those same heat transfer properties would be very useful in auto transmissions.

Sperm Whale ready for processing.

Sperm Whale oil and its derivatives were used as additives in virtually all automotive lubricants. The products were so effective that vehicles’ fluids were generally never changed, and systems like the transmission lasted the life of the car. Some 30 million pounds of sperm whale oil were used every year in lubricants alone. To supply the demand, hundreds of thousands of whales were harvested bringing that species to the brink of extinction. The most famous Sperm Whale is from the fictional novel Moby Dick, written by Herman Melville in 1851.

Endangered Species Act ends use of whale oil in auto transmissions

In 1972, the Endangered Species Act outlawed the killing of whales and the use of materials derived from those animals. For years, in engine oils, the automotive industry relied on other animal based products such as tallow or lard. For complex systems such as transmissions, these substitutes proved to be inadequate, leading to poor overall drive train performance, premature drive train failure and failure due to heat. Automatic transmission failures went from less than a million units in 1972 to over eight million units a year by 1975, due to the loss of sperm whale oil additives.

According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association of Ventura, Calif., today, there are over 11 million automatic transmission failures per year (and nearly nine out of ten) are caused by the degradation of automatic transmission fluid due to heat. Heat promotes the oxidation of transmission fluid, and that compromises its performance and accelerates wear on the internal components of automatic transmissions.

Lubegard LXE® Technology to the rescue.
A synthetic equivalent to Sperm Whale oil.

Dr. Phil Landis, former head of Mobil Oil Applied Lubrication Research Group, became an automotive industry tribology pioneer through his formulation of the LXE, (Liquid Wax Ester) Technology as a direct molecular replacement for sperm whale oil.

Synthetic LXE Technology has nearly identical characteristics to Sperm Whale oil, which “remains liquid even at sub-zero temperatures and after treatment with sulphur it produces lubricants that are resistant to extremely high pressures.”

Dr. Phil Landis, former head of Mobil Oil Applied Lubrication Research Group, became an automotive industry tribology pioneer through his formulation of the LXE, Liquid Wax Ester, Technology as a direct molecular replacement for sperm whale oil.

Since 1984, International Lubricants, Inc. has been a leader in researching, developing, and manufacturing patented high-performing ester-based synthetic lubricants and related products for automotive, industrial, marine and agricultural applications. It started here, during the preliminary development of the company’s proprietary LXE Technology, that International Lubricants Inc. took the opportunity to manufacture products that were friendlier to the environment, benign in their affect on users, and superior at resolving many common fluid-related difficulties.

How is LXE made?

LXE Technology is bio-based, and composed of the fatty acid of a high erucic acid containing seed oil (Rapeseed a.k.a Canola) esterified with an expensive and rare alcohol. The process demands that we use the highest purity essential oils, with long fatty chain triglyceride ester groups and with little or no unsaturation (which if present, would lead to oxidative instability).

Some LUBEGARD products with LXE Technology also use a phosphorous material, whereby the compound reacts at metal surfaces and forms a strong bond, great for use as an anti-wear additive and friction modifier which is also very effective and efficient for slow sliding speeds.

An organic sulphur compound is also used in various products. This is what gives the distinct odor of some LUBEGARD Products. The phosphorous-sulphur combination enhances the anti-wear properties of the phosphorus for additional performance and protection. The esters serve as a lubricant and an antioxidant, which prevents air from reacting with hydrocarbons and converting them to sludge and dirt.

And of course, the LXE molecule and its’ derivative molecules are then incorporated into various functional formulations or products that are perfect for industries such as automotive, marine, power equipment, essentially any motorized system where heat, oxidation, wear, and acid buildup could occur.

Interestingly enough, ILI’s unique synthetic LXE Technology is proven to actually outperform the sperm whale oil additives. Independent third party testing by OEM fluid laboratories prove LXE Technology reduces component wear by more than 50%, reduces oxygen uptake which leads to oxidation, by 30% and reduces pentane insolubles (sludge) by 60% when added to GM® factory fill.


It seems Buddy’s odor “issues” had taken up residence inside the evaporator/heater core. Kool-It Evaporator & Heater Foam Cleaner killed that odor quick and easy. It doesn’t mask odors with thick, intense fragrances.

Instead, it goes right to the odor source — trapped inside the evaporator/heater core — the perfect place for mold, mildew and other odor & allergy-causing organisms to thrive. KOOL-IT’s super foaming action penetrates deep into crevices, flushing out odor-causing offenders.

Buddy likes the light clean scent. If Buddy’s happy, I’m happy!