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    The Synergol® FLA is a non-sulphur/non-phosphorus diesel fuel lubricity additive. It replaces the lost lubricity in low-sulfur diesel fuel, protecting expensive fuel pumps from wear and failure. State and federal regulations are calling for lower levels of permitted sulfur in diesel fuel, but this process has removed the natural lubricity of the fuel to the point where fuel pumps are subjected to more wear and earlier failure.




    To reduce wear in fuel injection systems using low sulfur diesel fuels without increasing emission, degrading fuel properties or sludging engine oils. Also to reduce Friction in small diesel engines for easier starts and idling. Synergol FLA is a NON HARMFUL additive that works without catalyst poisons, metals or acids.


    Synergol FLA can be used directly in fuel or it can be added to diesel fuel additive packages. It is neutral; it will not react with other components of the additive package. It contains only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen so it burns cleanly.

    How much:

    Recommended levels are 50 to 250 ppm of the diesel fuel. This is equivalent to 1-84 pounds per thousand barrels (PTB).




    Cetane number ASTM D 613

    No Change w/FLA

    Cold Filter Plug Pt Method IP309

    No Change w/FLA

    Deposits Cummins L10

    No Change w/FLA

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