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    New Products

    Seal Fixx ™

    Industrial strength and cost effective stop leak that works quickly.

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    LUBEGARD® COMPLETE™ Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

    The service solution for all European, North American, and Asian vehicles.

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    LUBEGARD® Gun Oil

    LUBEGARD'S GUN OIL is a premium high viscosity lubricant and protectant. Infused with LUBEGARD's proprietary LXE (Liquid Wax Ester) Technology, this formula utilizes the unique benefits of the LXE's "polarity" allowing the lubricant to polarize to metal surfaces for long lasting film and wear protection. It dramatically reduces friction, improving accuracy and weapon life. Additionally, this formula contains new biosynthetic properties for superior cold flow protection.

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    LUBEGARD® Multi-Vehicle Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

    LUBEGARD Multi-Vehicle Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid is designed to provide extreme pressure protection in high performance DCT vehicles. It is manufactured with the highest quality synthetic base oils and performance additives producing improved shifting proficiency at all ambient temperatures.

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    Kooler Kleen High Pressure Formula

    LUBEGARD Kooler Kleen High Pressure Trans Flush (Water Based Formula) works like a fire hose, jettisoning away grease, dirt, sludge, and metal shavings that contaminate transmissions. And it inhibits their return! It's all about the high pressure dispensing and proprietary formula that contains no CFC's or chlorinated solvents.

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    LUBEGARD® Universal CVT Fluid

    This new product eliminates the need to stock various CVT fluids as it replaces well over 20 different types! Download our handy LUBEGARD CVT Fluid Application Chart today.

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