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    A New Paradigm in Biodegradability with Performance

    The ERUCiCHEM® name of International Lubricants, Inc.’s division of agricultural (oil) based products was conceived from the free acid name of erucic acid.  Erucic acid is produced by the hydrolysis of its’ corresponding triglyceride ester, which is present in some agricultural oils.

    In addition to having developed agricultural based lubricant products for general industrial applications, the ERUCiCHEM Division of International Lubricants, Inc. has also developed unique lubricant products for such diverse industries as cosmetics, automobile and metalworking.

    International Lubricants, Inc.’s introduction of agricultural based products as replacements for traditional hydrocarbon based lubricants has resulted in the introduction of three groundbreaking patented and proprietary lubricant technologies – Liquid Wax Esters (LXE®), Synergol® Lubricity and Anti-Wear Technology and a completely biobased and natural polymeric telomer for cosmetic applications, which is sold under the trade name of Glossamer® L6600.

    ERUCiCHEM® High Performance Vegetable Oil-Based Thickeners and
    VI Improvers

    ERUCiCHEM Telomers:

    • 4 deliver high performance in a wide variety of base stocks
    • 4 are readily biodegradable according to EPA 560/6-82-603 with unacclimated inculum
    • 4 are aquatically non-toxic
    • 4 are available in a variety of grades from 500 SUS through 5,000 SUS


    High Pressure Reactor

    Friction & Wear Testing

    Gas Chromatograph

    Product Line (Division of ILI)

    Synergol Products Non-Sacrificial anti-wear additives
    Diesel Fuel Lubricity Additive
    General Lubricant Lubricity Additive
    Telomers Biodegradable vegetable oil polymers
      L6600 Natural source cosmetic polymer for occlusivity and wipe off resistance
    T6000 Vicometric and anti-rust additive for lubricants
    TP6000 Phosphorous adducted T6000 for high Molecular wt reactive anti-wear

    Biodegradable additive packages

    EC903 High performance industrial gear oil additive formula
    EC904 Wire rope lubricant additive package. Anti-rust and wear protection
    EC905 Biodegradable cutting oil package for water soluble cutting oil
    EC908 Chain saw bar and chain additive
    EC909 Concrete release additive formula

    For more information and how to obtain these products please CONTACT US